Some have chosen to share with others about their experience of music therapy

With many businesses and services, a quick google search gives you an idea of their quality of service and others' experience through five-star ratings or public comments.  It is nice to hear from those who have experienced a service first-hand.  I would discourage clients from making a public comment on yelp or google in order to protect their confidentiality, but I open this page to those I have worked with who would like to share with the community how music therapy has been of value to them so that others may get a sense of Richmond Music Therapy.

"Group music therapy is so much fun. It feels great to express yourself with other people and to know that you’re not alone in what you’re going through."

Ask a group member: What was music therapy like?

"Music therapy really helps me get what I'm trying to say... It helps me better process my feelings and express myself without words."

Ask a Client: What did you notice about  music therapy?

"The people were such a perfect mix and it was so different from the last [unaffiliated group] I was in in such a good way. I felt so accepted and was so so happy after each group."

Ask a group member: What was the group like?

"There's more connection in music therapy than in talk therapy. I feel like there's more emotional overlap through the lyrics and, even though there's still some talking, we get closer in general because of the music."

Ask a group member: What was music therapy like?

"I now have a group of friends that I feel comfortable with!"

Ask a Group Member: What will you take with you now that group is over?

Your voice is welcome here.

What will future clients say?