What does a session look like?

First, you and I will sit down together and get to know each other.  Our therapeutic relationship is important to the process and over time, feeling comfortable and building trust with each other is an important part of the work we will do together. I will ask you questions and we will establish goals together.  If you have questions for me about the therapeutic process, I'm happy to answer those at any point. 


I will use music to get to know you and you will learn more about yourself through music and our processing.  We will use music the first session but there is no pressure on you to "perform" or prepare in any way for this.  Talking keeps us in a thinking place.  Music gets us out of our head and connects us with the here and now, with each other, and with resources within yourself that you may have not even have imagined possible.  

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I'm Allie Longworth, a board-certified, master's level music therapist who is passionate about using the power of music and relationship to cultivate inner strength, find clarity, connect with a sense of peace or empowerment, and connect with creativity in order to promote resilience and vibrancy in a world that can be challenging and unpredictable.  I believe my life's work is to be of service to my community through my trade and I am excited to be of service to you. 


I have a master's degree and bachelor equivalent from Radford University, where I studied an integrative approach to music therapy, learning counseling techniques and how to apply them to music therapy as well as how to apply them to many different clinical populations of all ages.  I also have a bachelor's degree in music production and recording technology from Shenandoah Conservatory.  Learning to write and record music in a professional studio there has been a nice addition to my music therapy toolbox.

When I am not doing music therapy, some things I enjoy are playing electric or acoustic guitar, drums, singing, writing my own music, exploring the outdoors, gardening, learning new skills or working on various projects. I am passionate about continuing to grow personally and professionally and believe strongly in therapists doing their own personal work so that they know well the path they walk with you.